Our Vision

We are a network of notaries providing service at an affordable rate. Our network is constantly expanding and eventually going to cover most of the bay area.

The Beginning

The idea started out of curiosity and soon became a business.  I became a notary 12 years ago just to see what it takes to become a notary and soon it became a part-time business.  In the last few years, I was able to add few of my friends and acquaintances into the network and soon will be serving all of the bay area.

Meet the Team

Most of the team members are IT professionals and also serving as Notaries during off-hours.

Madhu Gowda

Notary & Insurance Advisor

After working 22 years in the Software industry I moved into the Insurance and Financial services industry. Also, the longest-serving notary public in the team (since 2005).

Santhosh Raghunath

Notary & Software Profesional

Ping Feng (Shelly)

Notary & Software Profesional

Madu Omprakash

Notary & Medicare

Over 2 decades of working in the software industry and currently working as a project manager for a major banking firm. I have been serving as a notary in the Tri-valley area since 2015. I am helping seniors to get enrolled in Medicare.

Kanwar Preet (Ruby)

Notary & IT Professional

Mohan Jain

Notary & IT Professional

Next Steps...

If you are interested in availing our services please call fill the contact form with your city and one of our closest notary will be in touch.  If there is immediate need feel free to call us over the phone or send information for one of our friendly notaries to call you.